SkyEpub 3.6 for iOS released with the Advanced Sample Project

SkyEpub 3.6 for iOS release

1. A lot of functions and events added.
2. bugs fixed, it became more reliable and robust
3. performance improvement
4. Highly Advanced Sample Project provided
(You can learn easily how to implement iBooks level ebook reader with SkyEpub for iOS now.)

% NEW Functions & Events
// 3.6
/** called when certain highlight should be updated in the case like changing color */
-(void)reflowableViewController:(ReflowableViewController*)rvc updateHighlight:(Highlight*)highlight;
/** Javascript source for chapterIndex can be passed to the engine if you like to implement some custom behaviors. */
-(NSString*)reflowableViewController:(ReflowableViewController*)rvc scriptForChapter:(NSInteger)chapterIndex;
/** should tell the engine whether a given pagePositionInBook value is bookmarked or not */
-(BOOL)reflowableViewController:(ReflowableViewController*)rvc isBookmarked:(PageInformation*)pageInformation;
/** should return the bookmarked image for rendering */
-(UIImage*)bookmarkImage:(ReflowableViewController*)rvc isBookmarked:(BOOL)isBookmarked;
/** should return the CGRect of the bookmarked image for rendering */
-(CGRect)bookmarkRect:(ReflowableViewController*)rvc isBookmarked:(BOOL)isBookmarked;

// 3.6
/** called when highlight is hit by tap gesture. @param highlight Highlight object hit by tap gesture. @param position CGPoint at tap position */
-(void)reflowableViewController:(ReflowableViewController*)rvc didHitHighlight:(Highlight*)highlight atPosition:(CGPoint)position startRect:(CGRect)startRect endRect:(CGRect)endRect;
/** called when text selection is cancelled */
-(void)reflowableViewController:(ReflowableViewController*)rvc didSelectionCanceled:(NSString*)lastSelectedText;
/** called when seletected text is changed */
-(void)reflowableViewController:(ReflowableViewController*)rvc didSelectionChanged:(NSString*)selectedText;
-(void)reflowableViewController:(ReflowableViewController*)rvc didHitBookmark:(PageInformation*)pageInformation isBookmarked:(BOOL)isBookmarked;

// 3.6
/** change the color of the highlight */
-(void)changeHighlight:(Highlight*)highlight color:(UIColor*)color;
/** change the text for note */
-(void)changeHighlight:(Highlight *)highlight note:(NSString *)note;
/** change the color and note of text. */
-(void)changeHighlight:(Highlight *)highlight color:(UIColor*)color note:(NSString *)note;
/** check where book is double paged or not. */
/** tells the engine to rebuild internal cache images for curl transition */
/** tells the engine to repaint viewer */
/** gets the start rectangle from a highlight */
/** gets the end rectangle from a highlight */
/** return pagePositionInBook value for given page of current chapter */

/** backup current position */
/** goto the position backuped */

/** Hide the contents of book */
/** show the contents of book */
/** tell the pages of viewer is shown or hidden */