SkyEpub – The Best EPub 3 SDK
for iOS, Android, Desktop (Windows,Mac,Linux) and Web. 

SkyEpub SDK is the best epub 3 SDK that provides a lot of APIs to make your epub reader more powerful and competitive.
and SkyEpub SDK and SkyDRM solution are most widely used SDK , which has been used  for 1000+ commercial ebook business companies and organizations around the world.
SkyEpub SDK supports iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and Web environments. 
Reflowable and Fixed Layout format are fully supported as well as number of epub 3 features such as media overlay, video, audio and text to speech. 


SkyEpub SDK


It’s Easy To Use.

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SkyEpub is provided as one of view type which can be easily inserted into ViewController in iOS or Activity in Android.
Because of very rich and comprehensive APIs, developer can focus on the essential features of their own epub 3 reader without implementation of complicated engine.

Lots of APIs and Call-Back Events.

The call-back events are fired when specific state is changed (e.g. page transition and selection text), which enable more natural and context sensitive user interface like highlight menu near by the selected text ,page index or chapter title. 
Powerful text highlight is provided as well as more natural page turning effect like curling, slide. 
Double pages view for tablet devices is supported in landscape mode.
Pagination for each chapter or entire chapter is available by user’s choice.
Dynamic contents based on HTML5 or CSS3 are fully supported.
Fixed Layout reader is also provided, which user can freely enlarge and scroll for books and magazine.

Due to these events, developer can provide more dynamic and intuitive UI to users.

For example, whenever user selects text, every information including coordinates and selected text is delivered to developer through the events.
SkyEpub SDK has number of highlight functions and events.
and SkyEpub SDK supports various search routines to fine any keyword inside book.
“Goto” functions like gotoPageByPageIndex, gotoPageByHighlight, gotoPageByNavPoint  enable moving to any desired page in the book.

SkyEpub SDK
SkyEpub SDK
SkyEpub SDK

Almost every languages around world. 

SkyEpub SDK supports general Left to Right languages (English, French, German,Spanish)  as well as Right to Left (Arab, Hebrew, Persian).
Korean, Chinese and Japanese languages work perfectly with SkyEpub SDK.


SkyEpub SDK
SkyEpub SDK
SkyEpub SDK

Built-in Content Server to read contents from epub indirectly.

SkyEpub SDK has Built-In Content Server. 
this Content Server using http protocol is operated to deliver the information indirectly from epub to SDK.
developer are able to write their own content provider which reads a file inside epub to SDK by extending SkyEpub ContentProvider object , which make developer implement their own encrypt / decrypt routines for epub file without unzipping to local device. 



SkyDRM is the very strong and highly reliable DRM solution for Epub.
and SkyDRM solution fully conforms to epub 3.0 encryption specification.
SkyDRM is seamlessly integrated with SkyEpub SDK for iOS, Android and Desktop.
SkyDRM encrypts each file inside an epub using AES-128, 196 or 256 separately.
If developer uses both SkyEpub SDK and SkyDRM together, Epub file will be protected because all decryptions are be performed only in memory. 
SkyDRM is the most advanced solution to protect and secure epub files today.
SkyDRM Diagram


Fixed layout format supported.

Fixed Layout format is one of most important epub 3 features, which is expected to replace the PDF book  or flash contents. 
Fixed Layout epub has fixed width and height like PDF and each page with fixed size is more interactive and responsive than PDF because html are able to contain various format, javascript, multimedia and css. 
Fixed Layout epub is now widely used for Magazine, Children’s Storybook, Textbook, Product Brochure or etc. 

SkyEpub provides very powerful engine for Fixed Layout Reader.
User can easily zoom in/out and freely scroll to specific part of content.
PageTransition like slide, Curling effect are also supported like Reflowable Layout. 
The thumbnail image for each page is automatically generated and these image files can be saved into files inside device. 
Highlight / Note is supported in fixed layout format. 
The zoom level defined by user can be kept to next pages, turning page effect like curing is also available in Fixed Layout.

Media Overlay  and Text To Speech 

SkyEpub SDK supports Media Overlay functions which specified in epub 3.0.
Voice and sound are synchronized with the text on the book now.
developer can easily use functions such as “Play”, “Pause”,”Resume” and “Stop” to control media overlay.
SkyEpub SDK also supports Text to Speech in Reflowable layout epub. 
Audio book now can be very easily implemented by Media Overlay and Text to Speech of SkyEpub SDK