SkyEpub – The Best EPub 3 SDK for iOS and Android
SkyEpub is the best epub 3 SDK that contains all the functions to make powerful epub reader for epub based ebooks on iOS and Android. The readers for reflowable and fixed layout are provided.

With component oriented library, it is very easy to use and the users can enjoy the functions for adjusting fonts, colors and margins with very small size.

SkyEpub SDKUsing events occured on state changing such as page transition and selection text, fully customized UI can be implemented.
Powerful highlight capabilities with soft and natural turning page effect are provided.
Double pages view for tablet devices is supported and pagnation for each chapter or entire chapter is available by user’s choice.
Dynamic contents based on HTML5 or CSS3 are available. Fixed Layout reader is also provided, which user can freely enlarge and scroll for books and magazine.


It’s Really Easy To Use.

SkyEpub is provided as component type which can be easily inserted into ViewController in iOS or Activity in Android.
Because of very intuitive and comprehensive APIs, developers can focus on the core functions which customer demands without implementation of highly complicated engine.
SkyEpub uses the default web browser engine instead of extra web kit module. Even though its size is extremely small it can meet the customer requirements demanding latest web technologies for epub contents.
Developers can make their own epub reader within few hours instead of spending months to implement core engine.



Various and Powerful functions.

Many functions are provided to change the fonts, to adjust the line and space, to change the colors. Top and bottom , left and right margine can be easily adjusted by UI property. Engine generates various and powerful events for the action like page transition and text selection.

Using these events, developers can provide more dynamic and intuitive UI to customer.

Whenever customer selects text, every information including coodinates and selected text dispatches to developers using events. Colorful highlight can be inserted anywhere user wants in epub text. Various search routines for finding the specific content in the text are provided. Provide functions that can be moved to any desired page in the book.
Customers can jump to the specific area or page in the book using highlight or contents.

SkyEpub SDK
SkyEpub SDK
SkyEpub SDK

Supports for Dynamic Contents based on HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.
The book looks natural and real.

Double pages view mode is supported forlandscape viewing in tablet devices.
Using this feature, the user can experience the true and real feeling of reading books.
Developer can insert the desirable images into the corner of the each page or center of the page.
This feature gives costomer real and natural feelings of turning the pages. The turning page effects are available in both iOS and Android. Under single paged or two paged view for reflowable or fixed layout.
Customers can move to next pages very quickly by tapping on both sides of page.

Pagination for each chapter or entire chapters.

In case of Reflowable Layout Epub, each chapter is loaded seperately and is paginated according to the screen size and resolution, font size and line space.
If global pagination is needed, engine provide the detailed information for newly paginated chapters after the actions like changing font size or line space.
Through the various call-back functions, developers can receive the information about chapters which is already paginated, save these data such as the number of pages into persisted memory in device, these data can be reused later without any recalculation of pagination.

Contents including HTML5 tags like video,audio can be freely expressed.
Also using CSS3, various redefined methods for rendering are applied to contents.
Dynamic contents using Javascript can be used to enrich the user’s experience.
SkyEpub uses OS build-in web browser module instead of using heavy and extra webkit engine. So the size of SkyEpub engine is extremely small.
The latest web techologies included in latest os version can be available without Upgrading Skyepub engine.
Using this, many of the errors can be avoided and this may offer more user friendly environment.

Built-in Content Server which can deal with DRM and encryped contents.

SkyEpub library provides powerful Content Server for both iOS and Android.
This Content Server using http protocol is operated to deliver the information indirectly to engine.
By call-back function, the size or data of content can be delivered from encrypted or compressed epub content to SkyEpub engine by modifying or manipulation of original content.
So DRM or encrypted contents can be delivered to engine without saving decrypted data in persisted memory of devices.
Built-in Content Server uses multi parts technology, so very large size data like movie file can be streamed to engine stably.

Fixed layout supported.

In the epub format its individule page is composed of one html/xhtml and having the pre defined fixed width and height is called “Fixed Layout”.
Recently a lot of magazines and children’s story books are made as Fixed Layout format.

SkyEpub provides very powerful engine for Fixed Layout Reader.
Customers can easily zoom in/out and freely scroll to specific part of content.
For page transition effect like curling or thumb nailed images, the image capturing each page will be saved into persistent memory in device one by one with related events.
Using these caching events, the intuitive UI such as showing images(thumb nailed) list can be implemented whenever each page is cached over.
Caching task is performed in background mode to enhance the performance.
The zoom level defined by customers can be kept to next pages, turning page effect like curing is also available in Fixed Layout.



SkyEpub for iOS Demo

Media Overlay

SkyEpub begin to support Media Overlay functions which specified in epub 3.0.
Voice and sound are synchronized with the text on the book now.
Developer can easily use functions such as “Play”, “Pause”,”Resume” and “Stop” to control media overlay.

Footnote is supported from version 3.5.0

Footnote based on HTML5 aside tag is fully supported in SkyEpub latest version.