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SkyEpub SDK and Demo

The Advanced Demo sources are not the part of SkyEpub SDK.
These sources are written only to show how to use SkyEpub SDK.
The bugs found in this Demo do not mean that SkyEpub SDK has the related bugs.

Be sure to delete the existing demo app from your device
before installing new version.


SkyEpub for iOS SDK (8.1.2)

SkyEpub for iOS

SkyEpub for iOS with the Advanced Demo II

Read 1st Very Important Setting for iOS 9


SkyEpub in WKWebView Beta Builds


SkyEpub for Android SDK (8.0.9)

SkyEpub for Android

SkyEpub for Android with the Advanced Demo III

SkyEpub Reference App in Google Play Store

Read 1st  Very important Settings for Android


SkyEpub for Desktop SDK (6.3.1)

SkyEpub for Desktop

SkyEpub for Desktop with the Advanced Demo

Demo Application for Mac

Demo Application for Windows

Read 1st  Information for Desktop Developers


SkyEpub All Releases

SkyEpub All Releases