Very Important Settings for Android Developers

Setting Guide

1. app -> res -> xml -> network_security.xml
skyepub.jar has built-in server inside it. to access the internal server, localhost as well as must to be allowed.

and add this security to AndroidManifest.xml

2. org.apache.http.legacy.jar is needed to be imported.
import org.apache.http.legacy.jar into your project and add this to AndroidManifest.xml


android:required=”false” />

Setting Guide for Old Devices

To get the best performance and work properly,
Android Developers who use SkyEpub SDK should read the followings.

In your devices,

Settings > Developer options
Make it sure to turn off every options except USB debugging

A. Eclipse  Menu->Project->Properties

Select Android in left panel
Select Android 4.4.2 or the sdk version you want

B. AndroidManifest.xml
targetSdkVersion should be the value under 19. 
android:targetSdkVersion=”16″ />

If you want to set minSdkVersion above 12,
you have to modify AndroidManifest.xml