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SkyEpub 7.0.9 for iOS Released

Reflowable Layout

#1. playNext, playPrev moves without speeching when TTS is paused.
#2. resolved issue that isPaused() return wrong value.
#3. new functions are added.

/** enable/disable the fonts inside epub */

/** enable/disable the stylesheet(.css) inside epub */

/** enable/disable the stylesheet (.css) inside epub if book is created by sigil editor */

SkyEpub 7.0.8 for iOS Released

Fixed Layout
#1. resolved issue that page is displayed as clipped for some device since skyepub 7.0.7.
#2. new function is added.
/** set Page Scale Factor (0.1f~1.0f : 1.0f default) – if pageScaleFactor is set under 1.0f, memory to allocate each page will be reduced to avoid memory exception. it is useful when each page has very long width or height */

SkyEpub 7.0.6 for iOS Released

Reflowable Layout
New function is added.
/** modifies html content or text inside epub programatically, */
-(void)addContentModification:(NSString*)target replaceWith:(NSString*)replacement forExtension:(NSString*)extension;

Fixed Layout
Issue resolved that App crashes when sdk loads very large sized xhtml inside fixed layout epub.