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SkyEpub 8.5.5 for iOS Released

Reflowable / Fixed Layout
Resolved the issue that NavPoint of which tag is <a> is inserted multiple times for the same Href (NavPoint.content).

Advanced Demo
ListBox which shows TOC, highlights and bookmarks does not display the title of book properly.

SkyEpub 8.5.1 for iOS Released

New Event Function Added to FixedViewControllerDelegate

/** called when link is hit by tap gesture. @param urlString the link address hit by tap */
-(void)fixedViewController:(FixedViewController*)fvc didHitLink:(NSString*)urlString;

Fixed Issue that function setBookPath does not work properly when the path contains nicode characters sometimes.

SkyEpub 8.5.0 for iOS Released

New Error Log View Added
When SkyEpub SDK detects serious error, the error code will be shown on the top of screen with detail message.

New Function added.
// Set Book Path to Open.
void setBookPath:(NSString*)path;

Issues Fixed
Resolved the issue that gotoPageByNavPoint does not work in Fixed Layout.