SkyEpub 5.0.7 for Android Released

“Android System Webview” under Lollipop version can cause a lot of issues on the most of apps which uses Android Webview system.
The problems are from that  “Android System Webview” uses totally different coordinates system in Javascript.  for example in scroll condition, Javascript “function elementFromPoint(x,y)” fetches the wrong element for given x,y.
“Android System Webview” automatically  is updated without user’s permission.
SkyEpub 5.0.7 was modified for the case that “Android System Webview” is installed on devices.

Reflowable Layout
1. Engine was modified for “Android System Webview” under Lollipop version.
2. Fixed Bugs that Highlight is not working in RTL (Right to Left mode) for some low spec devices.