SkyEpub 5.2.0 for Android Released

Reflowable Layout

/** execute custom script */
void executeJavascript(String code)
/** force sdk to draw highlight on the top of content. */
void setDrawingHighlightOnFront(boolean value)

Fixed Layout
/** execute Javascript on both pages in landscape */
void executeJavascript(String code)
/** execute javascript on left page (if forLeft is true) or on right page (if forRight is true)
void executeJavascript(String code,boolean forLeft)

/** change the window color */
void changeWindowColor(int color)
/** change the background color */
void changeBackgroundColor(int color)

/** load the custom script whenever each page is loaded */
void setCustomScript(String script)
/** load the custom style whenever each page is loaded */
void setCustomStyle(String style)

/** start caching process to capture each page */
void startCaching()
/** stop caching process */
void stopCaching()


public interface CacheListener {
* called when caching task started.
* @param index pageIndex to start
void onCachingStarted(int numberOfUncached);
* called when caching task finished.
* @param index pageIndex to finish
void onCachingFinished(int numberOfCached);
* called whenever the cacing task for one page is finished.
* @param index pageIndex to be cached.
* @param path the path of the cached image file.

void onCached(int pageIndex,Bitmap bitmap,double progress);

* true should be returned to skyepub engine when the cache image for pageIndex exists.
* @param pageIndex
* @return
boolean cacheExist(int pageIndex);